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Three Octaves Metric Key of the Collemaggio's Labyrinth

Three Octaves Metric Key of the Collemaggio's Labyrinth

The Labyrinth has the following measures:
Minor side = 5.65 meters, this measure represents the Square Root of “32” (3 \ 2)
Larger side = 8.24 meters, also in this case we are faced with the square root of “68” (6 \ 8 that fractional is equal to 3 \ 4)
It should be noted that, if we add the primary numbers from which the Square Roots have been obtained, we obtain the following operation: 32 + 68 + 32 + 68 = 200.
The rectangle seat of the Three Octaves, at the numerical level is equal to “200”.
In the musical field it is taught that An Octave (8) can be indicated numerically also with the number “2”, this means that indirectly the metric used to construct the Labyrinth of Collemaggio condenses into an Octave
Wanting to synthesize the Labyrinth of Collemaggio “Misura” an Octave and contains Three Octaves.
This is the first example of the fractal “dynamics” used for the Collemaggio Octaves.
Three Octave Metrics
The Three Octaves consist of “Six Circles” which are in turn subdivided by “minor Circles” which are characterized by a well defined Bicromaticity.
The “Total” diameter of each “Circle” is “Two meters and eighty eight centimeters” “2.88”, so, in the face of “Sei Cerchi” we will have Sei Diametri, whose total metric total will be of “Seventeen Meters and Twenty-eight Centimeters “(17:28).
5.76 meters will be the sum of two diameters that make up “One” Octave in metric (2.88 × 2)
11.52 meters will correspond to the sum of “Two” Octaves (2.88 × 4).
17.28 meters is the sum total of all the diameters of the Three Eighths. (2.88 × 6)
It is important to note that Three Diameters of the Octave are equal to 8.64 meters, which will correspond to 1 \ 3 of the Precessional Year. If this is added to the total metric of the diameters, equal to 17.28, we will also have the 2 \ 3 of the Precessional year. In fact, their total is equal to: 8.64 + 17.28 = 25.92.
This sum would correspond to the number of years of the Precession of the Equinoxes transposed to the constructive metric level, in the Labyrinth of Aquilano.
Later we will see what lies behind the Precessional numerology, it is important to understand how the Labyrinth of Collemaggio is a real “Key” to understand how the Three Octaves are the vibrational numerical base of a Universal “Law” used in the past to count, building, managing time, space, stars and probably to understand how human DNA, and therefore its history, was connected to cosmic becoming.
The intermediate distances existing between the Octaves themselves are all 1.44 meters, they are exactly Seven (7) as seven are the intervals in an Octave scale.
The sum of the intermediate distances equal to 10.08 meters (144 × 7) and the numerical value of the Labyrinth equal to 25.92 meters is:
10.08 + 25.92 = 36.00
The Perimeter of the Three Octaves is equal to: 2.88 x 3.14 = 9.0432 to note the sequence after the comma of clear origin “Sonic-Precessional” (Perimeter of a circle of an Octave)
9.0432 x 2 = 18.0868 (Perimeter of an Octave)
9.0432 x 3 = 27.1296
9.0432 x 4 = 36.1728 (Perimeter of Two Octaves)
9.0432 x 5 = 45.216
9,0432 x 6 = 54,2592 (Perimeter of the Three Eighths), after the comma appears complete what should be the final sequence, in years, of the presumed Precession.
The final perimeter retains rather particular numerical characteristics: ex. 5x4x2x5x9x2 = 3600. This is the same result obtained from the sum of the intermediate distances + the “Sonic-Precessional” result above.
The Metric here exposed will be in the chapters that will follow of fundamental importance to understand the “Law of the Three Octaves”
M. Proclamato

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