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Puerta del Sol

Puerta del Sol

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To dispel any doubt about the Three Octaves of the Puerta del Sol, some numerical considerations are necessary.
Six rows of eight represent the same relationship as Collemaggio, where Six circles are united to form Three Eight.
The totality of the winged beings represents the ratio of Semnut, equal to 1 \ 3 + 2 \ 3, then 4 and 8.
Not only that, like Semnut, the Three rows of eight represent 24-spoke wheels, this time represented in the form of human beings and not, decisive is then the numerical situation that follows.
The basis is clearly the number 8, to get to Collemaggio results just calculate:
24 x 24 = 576
24 x 48 = 1152
48 x 48 = 2304 (Alautun)
The winged Beings are 16, those humanoids 32, 1 \ 3 and 2 \ 3 of 48,
if you then multiply 16 x 32 = 512, the same result of Collemaggio, 8 x 8 x 8, crazy, the same thing.
Beings are known, beings are a kind of energy that official science has not yet discovered.


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