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Precessional metric

Precessional metric

Giza is, from the fabulous temple complex of Angkor in Cambodia, 72nd of Longitude;
Pohnpei is located at 54 degrees East Longitude compared to Angkor;
Easter Island is the land that emerged closer to 144 ° East Longitude, compared to the Cambodian complex;
the bay of Paracas in Peru, dominated by a massive graffiti known as the “Candelabra of the Andes”, is always 180 ° from Angkor and all these sites are locally understood as “Omphalos”, the Greek word used to identify the place as ” the navel of the world “, navel that often marries the usual universal myths of the Flood.
I think it is appropriate to report also the position of an Indian sacred mountain, very inherent to this writing, I’m talking about the sacred site of Arunachela, which is located at 24 ° west of Angkor and 48 ° east of Giza, respectively 1 / 3 and 2/3 of 72 °, the “cosmic” number at the base of the precessional computation.

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