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Platonic Field And Subtle Anatomies

Platonic Field And Subtle Anatomies

I dealt with Thin Anatomies months ago and it all merged into a bibliographical work entitled: “ORIENTE” (Melchisedek Edizioni), whose main theme is the encoding of the Matrix of Subtle Anatomies, which is at the base of all the medical sciences. , martial arts and oriental spiritual philosophies.
Through my studies, I came to the conclusion that the matrix of contention is the Octave.
Today, when I wrote about proto-science, dealing with Descartes, I know that the Eighth is the matrix not only of the Eastern medical world, but also of the scientific, Western world. I have therefore elaborated a set of studies, able not only to hypothesize, but to assert analogically, that holism and scientism are, substantially, sons of the same mother.
It is a good path of knowledge, but still to be explored, for an essential reason: at the base of knowledge of the Octave there is basically a type of knowledge that wants in Platonic geometry the main motivation of all its applications.

Talking about this knowledge, then goes to coincide with a type of physics, which I would call spiritual, based on the 5 Platonic solids.

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These solids are legitimized, in their existence, by a structure – which I define Cymatica – characterized by 8 “dimensional” frequencies, but, substantially, despite the great strides made by physics, we do not know what a “dimensional presence” actually is. Platonic “. Officially, therefore, we can only theorize the dimensions, while, incredibly, on a holistic level, we describe them precisely, in addition to using them successfully.
Furthermore, it is not normally accepted that in this three-dimensional space, “other” dimensions have always been used.
We are therefore faced with a great contradiction.
And this, for the usual, useless reason, that wants, what we do not understand or that we have not yet discovered, confined or confined, in other areas, that, deprived of official, are destined to remain forever, in a kind of “ cognitive limbo “.

I would therefore like to use Acupuncture again, as I did in an article a few months ago (the Agosapere), to indicate a path by which to make this holistic-scientific irreconcilability …. surmountable.
In the above article, I had shown numerically, that the Chinese Anatomy is not something unattainable, as it is present even in a rose window: that of the Basilica of Collemaggio.

It consists of:
8 Curious Meridians, 12 Main Organs, 12 Secondary Meridians, 48 Minor Meridians. (72 parts in total)
Since it is possible to interact on this anatomy through 360 needle-points, I considered it probable a parallelism with the structure of “my” stone mandala, given that “born”, centrally, from 8 Petals and is formed by:
36 arms and 72 spaces, placed at the end of the arms.

As a result, I pointed out that these numbers basically appear today, both in the most disparate official fields, such as art, for example, and in the Subtle Anatomies.
I hypothesized, therefore, that they are the timeless legacy of an encoding of the field. Field, or dimensional fields, that also “we” today suppose to be there, above all on Biological and Physical level.
And this is where the short-circuit takes place with the official.

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While on the one hand today we “just” hypothesize it for millennia, it seems to have been not only described – often geometrically, as well as numerically – but applied, (I repeat: applied) through the Thin Anatomies in the East and in a thousand other ways in West.
Therefore, there is a huge problem of “incomprehension” between this coding and our knowledge, so much so that we have been forced to imagine an “esoteric context”, where we can confine it.
However, let’s move on to a practical example concerning acupuncture, to better clarify the above.

Imagine a lady who has had a pain in her elbow for a long time, who, after having tried them all, still turns to her doctor, since the pain persists. The doctor, also not knowing what to do, almost in a whisper, speaks of a colleague who deals with acupuncture, which could be turned, as the last resort.
The lady goes to the acupuncturist, who, despite having obtained a degree based on the official anatomy, will act on her ignoring it. The lady comes out of the first session and begins to feel a relief from the painful part.
Moral: as often happens, the lady, with a few sessions, solves the problem.
Question: How is it possible that an acupuncturist, acting on a theoretically non-existent anatomy in this space, obtains a positive medical result in real time?

In my article I answered this question, only partially, as I explained that the matrix of official anatomy is substantially “thin”.
In fact, I subsequently gained the following convictions:
The “Thin” is the field, The field is the Octave, The Octave is invisible, (for now), The Invisible is something dimensional
Why the dimensional, unattainable and invisible for our science, on the elbow of the lady is immediately effective?
Simply because the subtle, not only is less subtle than we think, but, above all, as the Carrà would say: Carramba, it is. Here !.
In short, we think that everything that is dimensional is unreachable and then a needle connects us in real time with it. Then it means that in this reality more dimensions interact and that only apparently they are divided. Therefore, we must ask ourselves what is around us that can immediately interact with our body.

Another short circuit: science does not know it.

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Holism responds with precision. Take for example the Para Tan, of which I wrote.
It is a kind of acupuncture, where the Mantra (the voice), replace the needles. It is a very old medical science, which presupposes that our anatomy Creante is structured as the symbol on the side.
This symbol, called Shri Yantra, in India, for millennia indicates the way in which both the immensely large and the immensely small were created.
It is therefore the representation of the Camp for Indians.

Well, who operates on the human body through the Para-Tan, presupposes that between him and the supine body of the “patient” there is a triangular structure, perfectly reproduced at the center of the symbol. It then acts on the body, through the visualization of a triangular anatomy, reciting 9 mantras for each corner, plus a central angle. Then repeat this sequence 4 times for the triangle with the apex upwards and 4 times for the triangle with the apex pointing downwards.
So his “cure” takes place through 72 Mantra. But that’s not all: considering the 4 + 4 angles of the scheme, we need to hypothesize a further three-dimensional evolution of the symbol and, consequently, the subtle structure on which Indian acupuncture acts, is not triangular, but Tetrahedral.

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Or rather: the Para-Tan assumes that there exists around us a subtle matrix that can be defined as a Star Tetrahedron and, in so doing, allows us, at a distance of millennia, to make us “perceive” what we do not see today.
As a result, millennia ago, the “Dimensional” was not only countable and visible, but even usable on a medical level.
At this point I ask myself and I ask you the following question:
Is it more advanced a millenary civilization that interacts on an alleged subtle body to cure a physical body, balancing its emotional energy, or is our civilization more modern, recognizing the existence of the only physical body, taking care of it chemically?
Think about it, because in this difference I believe our future is placed. Michele Proclamato

L’Aquila, October 2012.

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