Always, without knowing how, man has used all his creative and cognitive fields: a kind of "Science" - a term never, as in this case, an understatement - derived from a deep knowledge of the vibrational reality.Thanks to this "Science" that somehow comes close to our quantum knowledge, it was possible to develop a cosmic and universal perception of where the Divine revealed its presence through a total immanence in all aspects of Creation.Once, everything in the human work was constructed, structured and divided so that the vibrational relationship that bound the Universe to God was respected. Everything had to be aligned and resonated through a Sonic Science with galactic connotations. Everything had to be an integral part of the OTTAVA knowledge.Michele Proclamato

Michele Proclamato

Writer, Simbologo. Began his studies through the mysterious discovery of some monuments of his city, L’Aquila.
Having identified in the Knowledge of the Octave the heart of esoteric science, now present all over the world, he wrote the following works for Melchisedek Editions: “The Secret of the Three Octaves”, “The Octave: The Science of the Gods”, “The Sonic Genius”, “The Millennial History of the Circles in the Wheat”, “When The Stars Make Love”, “The Scientist of the Temple”, “Ergo sum: The Esoteric Knowledge of Descartes”, “East”, “The Man of God”, “Giuseppe Arcimboldo: The Alchemical Painting of Immortality”, “History of Subtle Architecture” and “Hildegard of Bingen: History of an Initiatory Holiness”.

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