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I know now when I try to drag our feet spend time in every way, the reason is one: I do not want to write, or rather, I do not want to describe what were the steps by which I came to certain conclusions.
If dell’I’CHING then I passed myself that there are some years I think and I can not decide.
But now I can not wait any longer and I have to do it, although I would go to conclusions, those conclusions which I have so much passion and amazed, but, clearly, I would put the reader in the unfortunate position of not understanding, then, conscious of everything, shall start from the beginning, my studies in order to offer to those who can not yet be aware of how, on this planet, one dictated to know the beginning of any traditional knowledge and of every civilization.
I also made a promise that I intend to keep this written on, for which my “polemic” will give way to a healthy, accurate and concise account of knowledge I hope what I hope soon, to (re-) officially become: SCIENCE.
So what to do, if not my job, that of the symbol, handing, to begin with, to a maximum of a wise man of God:
“And ‘the number, clear physical principle, metaphysical and rational” (Giordano Bruno)
and just to clarify some points.

Io Affirm

I say I believe I can prove that, for millennia, the earth there is a similar number encoding creative, able to support any type of application to human knowledge from ancient times to today.
I say that this code is the result of a spiritual science – by unknown authorship – which, in times and ways unknown to us today, was able to schedule a Theory of Everything by dimensional characteristics.
I say that knowledge should be called in question: “Knowing EIGHTH” and I am convinced that the I’Ching, although being one of its most refined applications, however, is one of many.
Add also that the heart and the base of knowledge of the nineteenth and part number, or at least a numerical sequence (partially linear), as their number, in this case, it is an open door to the analog intuition, emotion, imagination and symbol.
As a result, someone was able to create an emotional science can, in this case dell’I’Ching, to predict the future is not numeric, but the emotional, at the base of human choices and behavior.
I also hope, with every cell of my body, that man ceases to be presumptuously hanging on to a future that shows signs of slowing down – sometimes rather disturbing – and for a moment, he turns to the past, because, as difficult to accept , there lurks a response that is required now for any kind of real progress, progress conscious of having to live with a universe exclusively … .. LIVE.
At this point, after having made it clear some of my beliefs, I would like to share with you the reasons that led me to these assertions. Legitimately begin with the symbol, because it is a guarantor, even numerically, a journey that knows no time, but only archetypal perfection and truth, and I will not dwell on dates, names and historical sites on the I’Ching, giving them for granted.
My presentation will, therefore, exclusively a cognitive matrix from which comes the knowledge of divination, and above all, the reason for which, with reason, is unable to predict the future behavior of man.

When He read the Future of Science
‘m learning, over time, to be what they are normally understood is what I reveal, while the logic that follows is the explanation for my feelings, therefore, I would like to show you what they are capable of doing these mental attitudes, when are united.
Let me therefore help you “see” the ancient symbolism in question so that you can, it does not arrive, but going on a trip that can take sometimes a lifetime.
Look at the picture above: in the middle we find the symbol that sums up the age-old concept of Yin and Yang, bi-chromatically represented by two “spirals”, one white and one black and two small spheres, chromatically opposite to the present center of the two
“concepts” basic to Taoism.
Then follows, in this symbolism, the series of eight trigrams, arranged in an octagonal shape.
By not dwell on the octagonal geometry, I would now apply the above-mentioned sum of Giordano Bruno, to show how the number is really able to open doors unnecessarily kept closed by human logic.
Looking at the 24 trigrams, we notice that are composed of broken lines 24 and 12 together.
At this point, even though we are talking about application of learning Chinese at least 5000 years ago, I can not help but resort to finding a much older – I have often quoted and which I can not help but not this time – to better understand the cognitive dell’I’Ching matrix.
The exhibit in question is now stored and forgotten in a display case at the Ashmoleam Museum in Oxford, the result of a fortunate archaeological expedition of the last century, near the present conduct Basra, Iraq, by the worthy archaeologist Weld Blundell. The discovery, known as: Blundell prism, or the Sumerian King List, in cuneiform, it refers to time… Antediluvian:

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Sumerian List of Kings
After the descent of the kingship of the heavens, The kingship was in Eridu,
In Eridu Alulim became king,
He ruled for 28800 years.
Alalgar ruled for 36000 years.
“Two” King;
They ruled for 64800 years.
Then Eridu fell
And the kingship was moved to Bad-Tibira
He became King in Bad-Tibira Enmenluanna; He ruled for 43200 years.
Enmengalanna ruled for 28800 years.
Dumuzi the shepherd, ruled for 36000 years.
“Three” King 108000 years they ruled.
Bad-you-Bira fell
And the kingship was moved to Laraki.
A Laraki, Ensipadzidanna reigned 28800 years.
“A” king … …. He ruled for 28800 years.
Laraki fell
And the kingship was removed to Sippar.
At Sippar Enmeduranna became king
It ruled for 21000 years
Then Sippar fell
It was moved to the kingship Shuruppak. Ubaratutu became king, he ruled for 18600 years “A” king … … .. he ruled for 18600 years.
In “Five” city “Otto” King,
they ruled for 241200 years,
Then the Flood “overwhelmed everything.”

I think not escape, a careful reading, that the structure had just examined nell’I’Ching purely symbolic, in this case has been turned into a descriptive system similar number.
Indeed, we have the following correspondences between the Sumerian and I’Ching List:

241200 years

24-12 and broken lines together.

It ‘also very important to understand the mechanisms of the launch of the numerical dell’I’Ching 3 coins, to see how and where kings reign. It is thus that the first group of 5 King reigns in 2 cities (Eridu and Bad-Tibira) and a second group of 3 King reigns in 3 cities
(Laraki, Sippar and Shuruppak).
We will resume later on these references.
Clearly, this finding does not know who you ask (as did experts from around the world) what are those huge time spans, culminating in a precise amount. But I would wait a moment before talking about it, because I think it’s better to give, first, other explanations, this time type … Cymatics.

Timeless Cymatics

I suppose you have already heard of a semi-official science called Cymatics.
If not, I would like to briefly mention that Leonardo da Vinci was able to experiment – using materials rather than craft – through which he realized that the sound is able to interact with matter, placing it second geometric conformations.
Officially or not, such studies continued through eminent personalities, culminating in 1969 with a long series of experiments conducted by Professor Hans Jenny.

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Fig. 1 – Water drop

This time, materials and technology appropriate to a certain level, will have amazing results for such as water, special dust, sand, etc.. and so on. (Fig. 1) manifested forms and shapes found in nature. But the exceptional, I believe does not reside in having identified a close

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Fig. 2 – The 5 Platonic Solids

connection between shapes and sounds as the fact that such forms, they are often geometric, are known for millennia by all the ancient civilizations of the earth.
They were called by the Greeks: the Platonic solids (Fig. 2).
Because I wanted to make that clear type “sonic”?
For a reason connected to their periods EIGHT rulers of the Sumerian King.
The Platonic solids are 5, 5 as are the Sumerian cities, theater of the age-periods mentioned above.
Consequently, after a period of time for us immense, we should be overlooked – I mean the list – the description of a document authoring Cymatics, able to materialize, through well-defined geometry, the final sum.
Needless to say, since the sum in question corresponds to 24 lines at 12 divided and united, the structure must be seen in all dell’I’Ching another optical temporal and geographic interpretive and beyond.
For relapse, it is possible to see and intuit in quell’Ottuplice available, the presence of FREQUENCIES – let the word – very precise, able to structure, adding in a statement that hides some interesting numerical characteristics.
The Supreme Sumerian, in fact, is 1 \ 3, and 2 \ 3 of a further count of 36 units, removed the zeros is also possible to see in it a twelve-tone progression, as well as binary, also the prerogative of the Chinese trigrams.
But I am of the opinion that in order to better understand the I’Ching, requires an additional step, which has a theater, a temple millennial Egypt: Dendera.

The I-Zodiac
Although the explanation could be more diverse than ever you have read, I think it is absolutely necessary to use a zodiac of the Ptolemaic period (from the project much earlier), which in the era of Napoleonic domination flaunted himself in one of the most important rooms of the temple Dendera (Fig. 3).
The reason is obvious: the number, so how can it be principle, can be a symbol and in this case, the symbols used by the Egyptians to describe a supposed astronomical viewing of two thousand years ago, contains a wealth of information on the Chinese understanding of the mechanism of divination .

And ‘enough to observe the structure of the Zodiac, in fact, to notice the outside, the presence of 12 Beings, from eight directions, which, like immense atlases, seem to not only sustain, but also to generate the set of celestial bodies depicted wiser .
Well, those beings, through their 24 arms wrap around the whole representation of the cosmic sphere within a clear-cut. At this point we can see that Summa Sumera, or divining trigrams, in this case leaked other characteristics.

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Fig. 3 – Zodiac of Dendera

The first and most obvious, is the fractional presence among women between 12 Beings, equal to 1 \ 3.
Why do I stress this?
For one simple reason: in this case what the Chinese are as a female energy, or Yin, the Egyptians through 4 depict the women, while yang is the prerogative of 8 men, or Neter.
All this has an impact of extreme importance to understand the internal dell’I’Ching symbology, its operation and the Taoist philosophy of divination at the base of the same.
In fact, in the sum of 2412 – I would call energy – there is and there will always be closely united to the female than male. Accordingly and correctly, that particular co-existence and sharing of energy numerical Yin and Yang, China, is represented by two spherical references, of the opposite color, present in the “spiral” in the symbolism of the eight trigrams.
The consequences of such a coexistence are the basis of the energy system of divination analog dall’I’Ching expressed. We will see later, however.
Now I want to emphasize that in this view are grouped globular exactly 72 celestial bodies, subdivided into a composite group of 48 and a second consisting of 24 celestial bodies.
We, therefore, a perfect binary match between the outside and the inside of the famous Zodiac.
Numerically, in fact, equal to the sum Sumerian 24-12 units constituting beings, follows something more substantial and material made of stars and planets, heavenly bodies summarized by 48-24.
But, having made the parallel transfused and the number system in that the list of 24 trigrams, transforming themselves into Hexagram, we use an additional parallel full of meaning.
In fact, adding up to as many trigrams 24-12 24-12 trigrams, we will have the same progression Egyptian celestial equivalent to 48-24 units. Such report shall include special features on which I think is useful to focus.

The Invisible Become Visible
First, it is important to note that science looks through his telescope, a number far superior to the 72 heavenly bodies placed within the Zodiac of Dendera, but it would be foolish to think that the Egyptian astronomers, given their legendary astronomical expertise, not were able to see with the naked eye a lot more stars than those described.
Therefore, their number was a choice well thought out, but what divides our science from them is the fact that “we”, today, outside or around our galaxy, we do not see those very beings male and female 24-12 , whose size, for the Egyptians, are far superior to the stars and the constellations themselves.
But then: What did the Sumerians, the Egyptians or the Chinese more than us?
What prompted them to put out the “reality”, an “other” dimension, and numerically wiser invisible to our instruments?
This is an essential step, I would say substantially, because in this specific case, we can understand one of the reasons why the trigrams hexagrams to become divine.
To motivate him, I would urge you to… the sums add up.
We have, in fact: the invisible 36 composite units of energy, while in the visible celestial bodies from 72 male and female characteristics. It ‘just multiply that sum, it interact, to get the sidereal physiology, reflected by the human.
Mainstream science recognizes the Earth’s axis a race equal to 25920 years (Platonic Year), the result of axial movement of 1 °, of 360 celestial, every 72 years (Fig. 4), and always the same, she realized how the physiology of heart and the respiratory and circulatory, are based on fractions or multiples of the number 72.

Image module

Fig. 4 – The precession of the equinoxes and the human physiology

Consequently, while limiting myself to these few examples, it would seem that “something”, and not numerically, Shared, not only the macroscopic Heavenly Order, but also to the microscopic human, defining the times, forms and structures.
If this were true, we can arrange dimensional interface the supposed chaos of our reality and e’esattamente this connection musically fractal characteristics, now invisible to us, at the base dell’I’Ching, and more.
Therefore: Use 6 hexagrams, relating means, not only with the visible that is yet to be defined in the form of decisions and events, but also with the invisible, which will determine the choices themselves.
An invisible equal to 24-12 units in which, specularrmente to our reality, there is space, time, matter, death, but only the cause of everything, from the point of view and archetypal energy.
In light of the above, I can imagine how many answers are absolutely necessary to our science might give us a phenomenon such as the Chinese divination, if investigated with seriousness.
At this point, I hope you have wondered why 24 should be the trigrams, and I think I can contribute in this way.

The 3 Octaves of Knowledge
Look again at the Zodiac in question, in a particular spot, for a reason just as accurate. There is, in fact, in this symbolic description (24-12) a place where it stops being dimensional to materialize in our reality, is a thin line on the ball 24 which rest the hands of the enormous energy Atlases.
Beyond that line is the stellar matter, manifesting through a seemingly chaotic mixture of beings of all kinds.
Now I think it is important to mention another great maximum of Giordano Bruno who called the stars and planets, “ANIMALS”, as having a soul, even ethically superior to that of humans.
Well, at this time authoring, not only are the first signs of what our science defines: “chaos”, but, more importantly, it consumes the real event that decades subjugated completely take physics in laboratories around the nuclear world, in an attempt to understand what the real matrix of the matter.
As the I’Ching places in this reference (24), the heart of his numerical skills of divination, today, in the same way, string theory uses it in his vision of the birth of the world equational sensitive (Fig. 5).
It would be fair, in my opinion, to give official status to those who seriously takes care of divination, spread the word for which the numbers at the base of the equational theory of this system are defined by the same physical “magic”.
They are: 8, 12 and 24.

Image module

Fig. 5 – Srinivasa Ramanujan modular equation

I hope that nobody comes to mind (as I did) to ask the leader of the String Theory, Professor Michio Kaku, because these numbers work?
Why would receive in reply a perfect and very Italiano:
As has happened to me.

Image module

Fig. 6 – Labyrinth of Collemaggio

Again, it would be to investigate the case seriously, because, similarly, inside the Basilica of Collemaggio in L’Aquila, between the nave and transept, a mystic representing the Eighth, as Pope Celestine V, about seven hundred years ago, poses 6 circles intimately united. If observed carefully, they transform the physical symbols of the 24 arms, hands, or Egyptian, in a simple numerical reference consists of THREE EIGHT (Fig. 6) and are the very last moment the Three Octaves upstream of the invisible reality.
Basically, in nuclear physics laboratories around the world, you are trying to understand how, three times eight, or 24, can create matter.

The problem is that it is making the assumption that matter … …. She’s dead, despite the warnings quantum. But we continue with other examples, perhaps, may be much more effective than words. Thus, I would remember a Great, who placed it under his “Vitruvian Man” the following text:
“Vetruvio architect puts his work in architecture chelle IMO measures are by nature distributed in this way. That is, does a palm and 4 fingers 4 palms make one foot, 6 palms make one cubit cubits 4 takes one step and 24 palms make a OMO and these measures are neither ‘on buildings. “
Expressed it this way Leonardo da Vinci knew that the man is a fruit of the fractal dimension authoring system in question was behaving he same way eed Vitruvius, fifteen hundred years before him, when building through measures… God.

Image module

Fig. 7 – Wheel of Medicine

Image module

Fig. 8 – Puerta de Sol, Tiahuanaco

Image module

Fig. 9 – “Piggy” Alphabet

That’s why, long ago, I stopped to amaze me if the Medicine Wheel Native Americans, using 24 stones arranged in eight directions (Fig. 7), to turn to their God, Wakan Tanka, giving further evidence of how this system had an infinite-dimensional applications.
I could go with the 24 +24 winged creatures of the Puerta del Sol (Fig. 8), dating back to 10-12 thousand years ago, or cuddle with wheels mnemonic of Giordano Bruno, who use 24 letters (Fig. 9).
You may wonder, then, why I insisted on “experience” as the reference (number) of China was essential also in ways, places and times. Simply because, having regard to its creative powers, if used to “anticipate” human choices as in the case dell’I’Ching, would build on the infinite possibilities of molding the same structure, dimensionally placed elsewhere and clearly divorced from our ties 3 time: past, present and future.
In short, humans share the episodes with the matter, the same energy authoring, demonstrating an essential fact: that everything that surrounds us, is merely the result of a numerical emotional thought, identified with a mind that can not … .. be that the Divine.
So the matter, as he well knew Giordano Bruno, is a fruit and emotional.
The events are in the making emotional choices that keep them in the matrix of the cyclic predictability (Yin and Yang).
The same predictability, capable of allowing a regular basis, billions of heavenly bodies, belonging to a galaxy like ours to align and allow the sun every 2160 years, the Spring Equinox, to rise by putting his shoulder to a different constellation, without no error and second cycles of 25920 years.

Three and Six Coins Launch
Before continuing, I would like to once again bring your attention to the symbolism of Octave Celestine, placed inside the Maze of Collemaggio, in order to exploit parallelism with launches Chinese divination.
I learned that, to obtain the response nell’I’Ching, uses two systems: the stalks of yarrow, which will examine on another occasion and 3 coins, which are run 6 times, after giving one to each side value of 2 or 3.
The total number of faces, launch launch, is then connected to the lines broken or fixed.
But, as announced, I would take care of the reasons that led, millennia ago, the choice of these mechanisms to obtain the relevant numerical divination.
We return back to the Sumerian King List to carefully observe the “how” and the place where they are willing, RE.
In fact, my invitation to remember not to forget the city where kings reign: they are 2 groups of 2 and 3 cities.
Well, at this point, I hope you agree with me that the cities in question are simply a way to illustrate that certain frequencies are responsible for the birth of Cymatics 5 platonic solids.
As a result, the faces of the coins to throw the numerical references in question, means included in the final choice of the hexagrams, the geometric matrix of this type of dimensional science.
And here I stop, not to make the speech in Plato’s too complex, because I think it is appropriate in the light of this, look how they are made the 6 circles that make up the Three Octaves (Fig. 6).
Each has its own internal bi-chromatic circles and smaller in each circle, there are white circles 2 and 3 maroon, therefore, by analogy, we can see in a medieval construct, the same structure as the “launching “Chinese coins.
Basically I would say that it is a way “symbolic number” to describe the birth of our Platonic dimensional reality.
The launch of 3 coins 6 times, then, is an act mirror image authoring.
Nell’I’Ching, which is launched through the 3 coins is, essentially, the Labyrinth of Collemaggio, or “my” Three Octaves.
Again, believe that this ratio is only present in China is a huge mistake and believe that this is its only application, it is equally egregious.

Image module

Fig. 10 – Quintana, Ascoli Piceno

I want to make an example of “our” rather sensational.
I have heard of the Medieval Joust called “Quintana”, Ascoli matrix (Fig. 10).
Well, it consumes just 6 riders on a path to walk a runway in the form of 8, 3 times for a total of 720 meters.
The same thing happens when you throw 3 coins 6 times repeating the sequence of three octaves (24) 3 times getting in number, the number 72.

We move from the invisible, totaling 24 units, the visible, corresponding to 72 units and joins the cause invisible visible effect of reality, to choose without any errors, our future behavior.
And here, if you allow me, another example rather illustrious.
In 1747, the great Johann Sebastian Bach, he joined a company founded by one of his pupils: Christoph Lorenz Mizler.
Like all members, just for the truth, but famous, he was invited to present itself with a musical composition that had innovative features and could be a source of study for other members. The Great Bach presented her with a composition that gave the world the musical ambassadors for centuries, since you could not understand why: A Triple Fee should be 6 items.

He invented a musical score which is clearly observed 3 musical voices, as he wished 6 (Fig. 11).
Thus was born the “secret canon” of Bach.
It was Friedrich Smend in the last century, to understand that in the canon of Bach is enclosed a solu-tion mirror, for which it is possible to obtain King, in a logarithmic way: 120-240-480 solutions, starting from the initial structure of the Canon, a structure that contains a joke in the first 8 notes, which follows a middle voice with 8 notes and 8 other notes, the signs of refrain.

Image module

Fig. 11 – Secret Canon di J.S. Bach

Image module

Fig. 12 – Monogram di J.S. Bach

In other words, Bach was well aware of the significance, value and a numeric use of the eighth and instead of divining the future, he composed music which cross it without problems.
Impressed then, that he belongs to the small circle of those who “knew” in his monogram, which I hope you have fun rotating, in order to truly understand what his expertise (Fig. 12).

Turn, Always Turn
A few days ago, a great friend of mine, I was really thinking, pointing out that the concept of motion is essentially connected with the circle, therefore, the invention of the wheel and the genius of this approach goes beyond the world of reason, placed directly into the archetypal.

Image module

Fig. 10 – Quintana, Ascoli Piceno

The “turn” is nothing but space and multiply numbers as has been done in this case and nothing is better than the picture number 13 to find out why the overlapping trigrams.
To the designers dell’I’Ching remained a last step in creating a useful numerical structure of the two guarantor dimensional systems. Therefore, just as the trigrams, hexagrams become, arrive in the matter, as the Eighth, located upstream of the list in numerical summation has to be drawn into the reality and the only way to do this, multiply it by itself, with the following end result: 64 hexagrams equal to 384 signs.

At this point, the ‘I’Ching is ready for divination, as a bridge between a place where everything is, and another, where everything is in place.
Happens next, for millennia, a man approaches the 3 coins, takes, and throws them its 64 trigrams – at the genetic level of 192 units – are welded to an authoring system consists of 384 units.
And through information on 576 (72×8), a mortal, issuing material, emotional and numerical, of an immanent God immortal, not only get a response, no, he creates his future at a level so thin and archetypal, from being scared, almost stunned, so everything is still to be defined, ignorantly, clairvoyance.
And ‘the archetypal structure of the emotion that lies the true meaning of time and the future.
And ‘in the study of the relationship emotionally intuitive, resulting from numerical linear, it hides the new science of humanity.
If we recognize the soul to matter, we can stall out the spiritual and scientific when we got stuck, if we do not, physical distance and time will always remain unbridgeable and will remain prisoners of the logic.

In a nutshell…

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Michele Proclamato

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