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Circles and 4 Octaves

Circles and 4 Octaves

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Who makes the Crop Circles knows a type of science based on the perfect knowledge of the relationship between sound and matter, has practically transformed Cymatics into technology. Who creates the Crops, uses the sonic-directional knowledge of the Eighth and on 20 \ 08 \ 07 left in Italian wheat, I think, a work whose base is constituted by the 4 Octaves.
Its central fruit is a flower with EIGHT petals and this has given me the opportunity to clarify a concept for myself: whenever the Circles have had characteristics or reminiscences, if we want, regarding ancient and famous civilizations of the past, they did not imitate the same , but they remembered and reminded contemporaries, who are the real responsible for all human evolutionary examples.
I would therefore like to make a small example, just through the 4 Octaves of the photo, of how they were used, in the past, by the Maya to divide the …. Time. I have already mentioned in another article the famous example of the Alautun, the immense temporal computation that so much does discuss the experts who do not yet realize the thousand-year universality of the Octave.
Well, explaining the Lungo Conto is not at all difficult once the “Key” of the Collemaggio Labyrinth has been codified. In fact, as you will remember, I think, the diameter of THREE OCTAVE is equal to 17.28 meters, but if you add a QUARTA OCTAVA, the total diameter will be equal to 23.04 meters.
At this point it is easy to transpose one of the applications of OTTAVA, in this case constructive metric, in temporal subdivision and get of days, equal to 64 thousand years. With OTTO diameters of 4 Octaves it is possible to compute what is impossible for us. And now I ask myself and I ask you: why are four Octaves on a temporal level calculated exactly like the 64 words of 192 letters, which constitute the DNA-RNA reading phase?
And I reply by answering, that this happens because time, like space and matter, are a single expression of a single vibrational project, at the base of which there is a single Universal DNA, the true expression of a sonic-vibrational GOD, which has never stopped and will never stop CREATING. A Circle in the Wheat, a civilization of the past and a knowledge that has never really disappeared, all united by the will of those who are “near”, so that man may realize once again that he has never been ONLY.
Michele Proclamato.

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