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ACUPUNCTURE, YOGA and …… silence

ACUPUNCTURE, YOGA and …… silence

I wrote about Yoga for a magazine specialized in the sector. I do not know if it will be published. I do not hide it, I would like it. It would be one of those “pearls” that for years I patiently put together, hoping to see a precious cognitive series finished, but now it seems clearer to me.
You will wonder how and why who also deals with circles in the grain, like me, can also say its in a field that nothing should have to do with a pseudo-mystery as tested as that of the Crop. Well the answer is simple. I think that the knowledge of the Circles is that of the Octave, so I am not surprised at all when I see its umpteenth millennial application.

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Those who practice Yoga simply apply the dictates of this knowledge to obtain a path of approach to God through a physical system structured by precise “positions”. Of course the thing is more complex and fascinating if you consider that doing Yoga also means making a Yogic life, or at least trying to do it through all its spiritual dictates, capable of revising our every habit, including food.
But, and here comes the beautiful, the undersigned, who with great difficulty would do without his “arrosticini”, can perhaps give the aforementioned world a moment of other understanding, useful at the same time, to more fields of knowledge. Essentially, in fact, whoever interprets this spiritual science, knows that 8 are the stages of yoga (Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi), coincidentally, 4 of which are extremely physical and 4 above all mental. He also knows a type of Vedic physiology for which the human body would be crossed by 72000 Nadi, which basically represent channels for conducting 4 types of energies (Prana, Apana, Sapana Vyana).
Well this fourfold energetic situation will follow a very precise channeling made exactly by 3 (F1) Nadi principal (Ida Sushumna Pingala) then, through heart and mind, this circulation will be finalized by 7 very precise energy centers, the famous Chakras (F2). Everything will then be summarized through 108 very precise Yogic (F3) positions representing a highly refined summa of physical attitudes, capable, through the right breathing, of bringing the human body, mind and soul closer to the divine.
Substantially the result obtained is the same pursued, mentally, by Giordano Bruno through the art of memory … immortal. (The man of God). For those who know me I think at this point it is extremely simple to find in this type of physiology the numerical and fractional matrix (3 \ 4) of the knowledge of the Octave that I am dealing with. So, you wonder why it appears in the fields of the whole world and within the human body (F4) … Eastern? Simply because the structure of the universe, in itself even numeric, is repeated in a fractal way at all levels, including the physical one and those who make circles simply … know it.
Not enough, we want to talk about acupuncture? Also in this case the human body is the son of 4 + 4 “curious” meridians, from which the 12 main organs will be inspired, in turn the matrix of the 12 primary meridians able to generate the 48 secondary ones. Again we are dealing with a numerical system which, however, like Celestial physiology, uses ranges and numerical references belonging to the Precession of the Equinoxes. And So? Hence, being the knowledge of the OTTAVA the codification of the Creation, it was, simply “normal”, to use it to meditate, to heal, to remember, to think, to know, to write, to paint, to construct, to sculpt and … to foresee the future like the Eightfold I Ching teaches. So what is the problem, why does not scientific and cultural Officialism take such knowledge and its multifaceted applications seriously? I would say that one of the reasons could be to admit that only ……… we have never been. For the rest it’s just … .silenzio
Michele Proclamato

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